Misleading Bogus Claims of “Organic” Cosmetics


Article from the Environmental Working Group website

“Cosmetics and other personal care product companies make questionable organic claims on thousands of products, a new EWG analysis shows.

More than 5,000 products in EWG’s Skin Deep® database – about 20 percent of current product formulations rated on the site – use “organic” in the brand name, product name, product label or list of ingredients. But many of these products contained risky or hidden ingredients and received poor Skin Deep® scores.

Skin Deep® rates a product on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the best score and 10 the worst score. Of the products that used the term organic, more than 250 received a score of 5 or above. Four products that used the term organic received a score of 9 or 10.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture regulates the use of “organic” when the claim is made on farm products. Cosmetics made primarily of farm products are allowed to carry the USDA Organic seal if 95 percent or more of the ingredients meet federal organic standards, and the remaining ingredients are on an approved ingredient list and were not produced using prohibited methods. Products labeled “made with organic ingredients” can have up to 30 percent non-organic ingredients but cannot use certain ingredients.


Parco San Marco in Italy


I spent this past weekend at Parco San Marco, a beautiful beach lifestyle resort in Cima di Porlezza, Italy to celebrate my birthday and welcome new beginnings. Read on for my travel diary below.


100% Pure Monster Giveaway (worth $400+)!


To celebrate my birthday & Halloween with you all I’m having a mega MONSTER 100% Pure! You’ll win a monstrous bundle of Natural & Organic lipsticks, face palettes, glosses & more worth over $400.


I’ve previously reviewed many of these products here (Lipsticks/Glazes) & here (Naked II palette).


The Monster Prize Bundle includes:

Fruit Pigmented Pretty NAKED Palette ($45 value)
Fruit Pigmented NAKED II Palette ($45 value)
Fruit Pigmented Anti-aging Pomegranate Oil Lipstick in Poppy ($29 value)
Fruit Pigmented Anti-aging Pomegranate Oil Lipstick in Dahlia ($29 value)
Fruit Pigmented Anti-aging Pomegranate Oil Lipstick in Peony ($29 value)
Fruit Pigmented Anti-aging Pomegranate Oil Lipstick in Calypso ($29 value)
Fruit Pigmented Anti-aging Pomegranate Oil Lipstick in Hibiscus ($29 value)
Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Melontini ($25 value)
Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Rhubarb ($25 value)
Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Coraline ($25 value)
10-Free Natural Nail Polish x 2 ($24 value)
Gemmed Lip Gloss ($25 value)
Lip Caramel ($25 value)
Brightening Face Scrub & Mask ($35 value)

Ends Halloween Day & winner will be selected randomly.

100% Pure Mega Giveaway

Luminance Skincare Review


Luminance Skincare is an Organic & Vegan skincare line run by a small passionate team of individuals who strive to produce the best products possible that are truly pure. I received these products over the summer after they launched their new packaging and have enjoyed this luxurious yet affordable brand.  For the price point I feel the selection of ingredients is rather impressive and the products performed to my expectations.


100% Pure 5-Piece Gift Set with Purchase ($119 value)

giftfacebookWith every $69+ purchase you’ll receive a free 5-piece set worth $119. It includes:

BB Cream – your choice shade of 10, 20 or 30
Lip Caramel: Truffle
Blackest Pencil Eyeliner
Black Tea Regular Mascara
Adorable 100% Pure makeup bag

Below you’ll find products I’ve tried and loved.