• skinInterview with MyMiniReviewsYou might remember Antonella as MyMiniReviews on Instagram. She's an Instablogger in the green beauty community and esthetician that I once had on the blog during my "Skin Talk" series where I interviewed estheticians. Like many others I've known during my time on Instagram, she quietly disappeared without a word, so I was happy to ... skin (10/2/2018)READ MORE
  • travelGlow Recipe Launch Party at The GroveGlow Recipe, an online destination for natural and cruelty-free K-beauty, opened their first pop up store at The Grove and threw a lit party to celebrate! They're a NYC based company and had opened a super successful two-story pop up in Soho and have FINALLY made it to LA. This was also the first time ... travel (9/14/2018)READ MORE
  • travelDerma E Zen in the Bev EventI was so excited attend Derma E's Zen in the Bev event in Beverly Hills this week and had to take a bunch of photos to share and document what was probably the best-looking event I've been to. I feel like I have to start off by saying this isn't an organic green brand, so ... travel (8/31/2018)READ MORE
  • skinGreen Tidings Deodorant & Skincare ReviewGreen Tidings is a brand I have used and known for years and they even launched an OBL CLUB campaign to have dozens of members test and review their products. You can see what the OBL community thought here. The line was started by Jenny, who after losing her sister to cancer when she was 19, studied natural ... skin (8/16/2018)READ MORE
  • travelBEST PLACES TO EAT IN MONTPELLIER, FRANCEFirst off, I'm sorry that I didn't get to show you guys as many beautiful destinations as I got to last summer (Sardinia, Cannes, Monaco, Lisbon, Algarve, Lanzarote, Canary Island- so many last year!). This summer I stayed closer to home, visiting nearby Lyon (2 hours by car from Geneva) and Montpellier (4 hours by ... travel (8/8/2018)READ MORE
  • skinMax and Me: High-Vibe & Holistic SkincareI often get asked, "What's high-vibrational or high-vibe skincare?". I like to describe it in layman's terms as skincare that specifically uses ingredients known to have high energy so they work not only at skin's cellular level but also on a mind and spirit level. Yes, it falls into "woo woo wellness" or in this ... skin (6/27/2018)READ MORE
  • WellnessMy Raw Cuisine Workshop with PLANTLABPLANTLAB is a plant-based culinary and wellness educational school offering both online and on-site classes around the world. They teach the art of organic, unprocessed, vegan cooking while encouraging students to consider the broader benefits that stem from a "green" and conscious lifestyle. They don't just teach basic raw cuisine, but refined, elegant and innovative ... Wellness (6/27/2018)READ MORE
  • travelOne of LA’s Best: Ciel Spa at SLS HotelWhen's the last time you've had a Bestie Spa Day? If it's been a while then get on it because it's such a great way to spend quality time with the bestie that's different from the usual brunch or happy hour. Over the weekend I was able to enjoy a fabulous Bestie Spa Day and ... travel (6/25/2018)READ MORE


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