• skinNatural Alternatives to VaselineWhy put a byproduct of the petroleum industry on your skin when there are safer, better natural alternatives available? There are plenty of articles floating on web on just how toxic petroleum jelly is (some insist it can cause cancer due to contamination with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHS)) if you do a quick Google search. We're ... skin (4/8/2018)READ MORE
  • makeupNew Organic Lipsticks & Glosses SwatchesHey loves so I figured since I have a pretty substantial collection of lip products I should forever cement their presence on the internet before they get used up. These photos are not touched up for the most accurate representation. I hope you find it useful at some point! NU EVOLUTION LIPSTICK SHADE: ALLURE AFFILIATE DISCOUT ... makeup (3/18/2018)READ MORE
  • skinMy Holistic Facial Experience at Kosha SpaI was invited to try a holistic facial at the brand new Kosha Spa in Toluca Lake opened by Anastasia in September 2017 and I happened to be in California so of course I was more than excited to experience one for the first time. More than just a regular facial, a holistic one takes ... skin (3/14/2018)READ MORE
  • skinHow I Do Skincare for Long FlightsMy skin really takes a hit after a 15 hour flight and there's almost no avoiding it. I almost always suffer from breakouts and dull skin for several days while having to adjust my biological clock. A post-flight facial really helps but I can't always afford it. I try to do my best to keep ... skin (3/2/2018)READ MORE
  • lifeWhat I Wish I Could Tell my 20 year old selfDon't believe or trust in what people say or promise whether it's a loved one or a boss. People's feelings and agendas change and they will do what's best for themselves, just as you would. What someone said 3 months ago or 3 weeks ago doesn't mean it still stands. Don't waste your time on ... life (2/21/2018)READ MORE
  • makeupNU EVOLUTION Makeup Review and SwatchesNU Evolution is one of the cleanest most high-performing makeup brands on the market today and even after a few years of first reviewing the line (see blog post of NU's foundation and swatches  here) it still remains one of my few top favorite brands. Not that it matters but NU is also one of Emma ... makeup (2/17/2018)READ MORE
  • skinSIBU Sea Buckthorn Beauty ReviewSIBU is a line of skincare & supplement products featuring Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Berries as its star ingredient. According to SIBU, this berry has 90 bioactive compounds, contains an unsurpassed source of Omegas 3, 6, and 9, and is the world’s richest source of the elusive essential fatty acid, Omega-7, a fatty acid vital to collagen ... skin (1/25/2018)READ MORE
  • travelAlpine Eco Luxury at Whitepod HotelI'm so excited to feature not only a Swiss luxury hotel but an eco-conscious award-winning one at that! Located in Monthey, Switzerland the Whitepod Hotel combines Swiss alpine luxury & sustainability with 15 cozy igloo-shaped "pods" designed to run as much as possible on renewable energy and with little impact on the environment. They even have private ski ... travel (1/1/2018)READ MORE