COOLA Suncare Daydream Primer & Rosilliance BB Cream Review

A few of COOLA’s newest suncare products include the Daydream Mineral Primer and Rosilliance BB Cream, This is one of my go-to sunscreen brands and I’m very excited that they’ve started launching cosmetics with SPF. As a believer in SPF 365 days a year these products make protecting your skin so convenient. There really is no excuse to not wear sunscreen these days. COOLA is also available at Sephora & Ulta.


Goodbeing November and December Box Review


Goodbeing natural beauty & toxin-free lifestyle subscription box is my top recommendation for value-for-money. For as low as $18 per month, you receive a diverse selection of products from well-known brands to up-and-coming stars. It’s highly personalized so you’re more likely to receive products you’ll actually use and the selection ranges from natural beauty to home goods & wellness products to makeup.


How to Become a Successful Green Beauty Blogger

apple-1851464_1920As the green beauty movement grows (yay!) and more and more people become interested in becoming green beauty bloggers, I decided to create this guide based on my own personal experience as a green beauty blogger to help inspire others. There is room for everyone in this vast digital space and green beauty, in my opinion, stands for something greater than fashion blogging or conventional beauty blogging, so the more we are the better. I have had quite a number of followers reach out to ask me for tips or express their interest in starting a beauty blog, so I hope this guide along with my personal Instagram tips will be useful to some of you.


NU Evolution Cosmetics Review


NU Evolution is a new, cutting-edge natural makeup brand created by 2 powerhouse New Yorkers, Nadine & Sandra. Having worked in the high fashion world for many years, they set out to use their expertise to create a natural line of makeup made with certified organic ingredients that would reach next-generation status. I’ve been using their Complete Coverage Foundation, Camouflage Cream concealer and blush for the past few months and am blown away by the performance. If you have any skeptical friends who haven’t switched to natural makeup, this is a line you want to recommend to them.