The Little Book of Skincare: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin by Charlotte Cho

skincare1   Korean women are famous for their perfect glowing skin, so naturally I needed to get this book that dishes their beauty secrets. The Little Book of Skincare: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin by Charlotte Cho is a light and easy read – I read the entire book in 1.5 hours but it felt more like 20 minutes. It opened my eyes to how skincare isn’t just a daily routine, but a way of life that’s deeply ingrained in Korean culture. If you’re curious about how Korean women take care of their skin, the type of skincare products they use, and the Korean beauty industry this book will give you an inside look. It brings the streets of Seoul and its skin-obsessed culture to life through vivid personal stories and answers everything you have been wondering or been puzzled by about Korean skincare.


PLANT Apothecary Review


I’m excited to write about PLANT today, because this is a brand on a mission to make organic and nontoxic beauty easily accessible to everyone. They’ve rolled out tentatively in select Targets (call or check one near you) and unlike some other natural beatuy brands that are available at Target, they are truly 100% pure and free of chemicals.

PLANT makes organic, all-botanical skincare and bodycare products that combine aromatherapy and herbalism – think 21st century apothecary. Their fine-tuned formulations are, as you can tell by the labels, created with a goal in mind. Your body listens to the mind so I love how bold and action-minded these product names are. PLANT is also socially responsible and deserves your support as their products are made by adults with physical or mental disabilities in Brooklyn.


Earthwise Beauty Review

Earthwise Beauty is, as you know from my Instagram, one of my favorite organic skincare brands. I am constantly in awe of Ava, the founder’s, creative blend of carefully selected and sourced ingredients and the passion and thought she puts behind each product. The packaging and product names are fun and quirky, yet the ingredients luxurious and outstanding. Each product is unique and made from unrefined, unprocessed fair-trade ingredients: unrefined botanical oils and butters, traditionally prepared herbs, and therapeutic-grade essential oils and absolutes. Let’s dive right into Earthwise’s newest product.

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Catharsis Face Cleanser and Mask


This is an innovative powder form cleanser that can also be used as a mask and its certified organic ingredients are truly impressive:

Aloe barbadensis leaf powder
Neem leaf powder (India)
Spirulina platensis powder
Chlorella vulgaris powder
Orange peel powder

Catharsis is a super fine powder that when mixed with a few drops of water turns into a paste. You spread it all around to swiftly remove makeup, cleanse and detoxify the pores and nourish the skin. I love the versatility of this powder which you can turn into umpteen different kinds of masks by adding your favorite facial oil, oil-based serum or honey or even just by itself and leaving it on for up to 30 minutes. Note that Indian neem leaf is strongly antibacterial/powerful and not meant for continued use over long periods of time. I would suggest using this cleanser in rotation with other cleansers like their Scarborough Fairs Face Wash which I absolutely love or their Marshmallow Suds Cleanser.


Forager Botanicals Coconut Isle Body Oil


If you love tropical scents and super hydrating body oils, this Coconut Isle Body Oil by Forager Botanicals ticks both boxes. Forager Botanicals is an all-natural fragrance and bodycare brand with a range of perfumes, body oils, lotions and washes. Their products are handcrafted in small batches in Brooklyn NY and are free of color, parabens, sulfates and preservatives. The Coconut Isle Body Oil has me dreaming of summer with its coconuty-fruity scent.

All-Natural Ingredients

Almond, Jojoba and Apricot Oils
Green Coconut and Tropical Fruit notes

The oil is designed to have a subtle and sophisticated scent, not one that overpowers. I find it to be more of a light oil that absorbs quickly.


Cocokind Review


Born in San Francisco, Cocokind skincare is affordable quality with certified organic, simple and effective ingredients and a focus on coconut oil. A lot of people want to switch to organic but find it too expensive for their budget when there ARE brands who create products keeping these people in mind. Cocokind is one of them.