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    Why is lavender in almost every skincare product? Am I the only one that reacts bad to it,with headaches and rash? I read somewhere that it causes collagen breakdown. So,what’s the deal with it? Is it good or bad? (For me is obviously bad)


    I’m sure there are others who are sensitive to it too, especially limonene & linalool. According to what I found online lavender can “potentially” be harmful but there are no studies done on humans to support this. As for collagen breakdown I have no clue. What I found online
    ” Despite the claim of lavender’s benefit for your skin, available research is anecdotal and little is based on studies on humans. On the other hand, research does show that lavender in skin-care products puts your skin at risk of dermatitis, increased risk of sunburn (thanks to limonene, one of lavender’s main fragrance chemicals), and skin pigmentation. As if that weren’t enough, the more that lavendar is exposed to oxygen, the greater its sensitizing effects—oxidized lavender phenols become pro-oxidant, which leads to free-radical formation on your skin. ”

    What I do find a lot in my skincare is Limonene & Linalool which are components of essential oils and I know there’s people who avoid these entirely. Some info I found online
    “It turns out that the vast majority of the problems with limonene happen when the compound is oxidized, or turned rancid. “Studies in guinea pigs revealed that air oxidized d-limonene, but not d-limonene itself, induced contact allergy.” (Source) In the 1960s, various citrus oils were studied for their tumor promoting effects. Undiluted citrus oils were applied to skin that had been treated with a cancer initiator. The citrus oils promoted the growth of the tumors (some malignant, some benign). A few years later, it was discovered that only oxidized limonene promoted tumor growth. (Source)

    In fact, the Cosmetics Database states that, “Upon storage and exposure to sunlight and air, limonene degrades to various oxidation products which act as skin and respiratory irritants and sensitizers.” So, it does acknowledge that it’s not limonene itself that’s problematic, but the compounds it turns in to when it turns rancid.

    And, in fact, several new studies have found limonene and citrus oils to have anti-tumor effects, preventing the growth of many types of tumors in animals treated with cancer initiators. Here are just a few statements from different studies:

    I haven’t launched the forum yet along with the marketplace but I’m hoping this or next week! Hopefully there will be some more insight from others in the future.



    Hi Ana,

    My sister used lavender oil mixed in with her moisturiser when she had an eczema flare-up due to stress. It calmed her skin and reduced the inflammation. It worked for her really well but when I tried it, nothing really happened to my face. I think it really is just something you have a sensitivity to. I myself have a super bad allergic reaction to any glycol and it’s in practically every skincare product. Whether or not it works for others, if lavender irritates your skin and causes headaches, just avoid it. Maybe try out some brands that do custom skincare according your likes and dislikes. I know kiehls and refinery29 offer customised serums and other products. 😊



    I don’t have problems with ‘regular’ oils(sesame,hemp,argan,etc.).But I’m not a hughe fan of essential oils,when it comes to face. To close to eyes,and mucous membrane. Plus,the face is always exposed to sun. It can create a phototoxic or photosensitive reaction.


    I can imagine a lot of people feel the same way as you. It’s definitely in almost everything because of their benefits. Personally I tend to not wear face oils during the daytime but I do apply them every night before bed. My skin is so dry that it almost always fully absorbs everything by the time I wake up.



    Hello Ana,
    I agree with you that lavender oil is in most of green skincare products. Lavender is known as a relaxing, balancing and calming for skin and mind. I wonder what products and brands that you used? As I know most essential oils is too strong to apply directly 🙂
    I’m a fan of essential oils 😉


    Jennifer Carroll

    Hello everyone,
    I love essential oils. Lavender is one of them as it reduces anxiety and emotional stress, reduces acne slows aging with powerful antioxidants and many more. I also keep on reading on such oils I found one oil name Kukui oil made from indian nuts which has anti aging properties also helps to remove acnes and blemishes of skin and also restores skin complexion. I want to know more about such oil. 🙂

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