what a wonderful idea!

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    Lisa Jordan

    so exciting! I really don’t know of too many beauty blogs with “forums’, how brilliant!
    My name is Lisa , and I’ve started my quest on El naturel road to glam, around 20 years ago?!?! ( I’m 38,lol)
    it was “trendy” at the age of 18 ( 1997), to be vegan and “green” across all realms. Then I’ve researched why I’m doing it, and the benefits that I’ve witnessed, and was amazed! one if the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life!! 🙂


    Hi Lisa seeing this just made my day! 20 years of natural beauty is amazing! I have much less experience than you but it’s also one of the best deicions I’ve ever made.
    So happy you found this forum – I haven’t yet announced it yet as I’m still working on finetuning the marketplace. I thought a forum would be helpful for those who are on their green beauty journey, just starting or considering making the switch. So many people have tons of knowledge and experience (like you!) and this would be a way for them to participate in the growing green beauty community! This way the communication isn’t just between me and one person at a time but among all of us!


    Lisa Jordan

    I’ve found it very easy to transition , when it’s done with your very best girl/guy friends! When we were 18 (the beginning of my quest to the most natural hippy I could be), things were a lot easier back then. We weren’t introduced to all of these products that are out now, and are advertised to be so glam. It IS hard not to fall into the media’s perspective of what sexy/glam is! A young mind is vulnerable and easily accessible to the world of advertising out there. It’s imperative to remember your roots, why you’re making the switch, and holding the benefits of nature made cosmetics and skincare, close to your heart. I guess these things made it easy for me. Also, getting away from Debbie Gibsons Electric Youth perfume or cherry vanilla lipsmackers wasn’t a leg puller, lol
    Keeping myself surrounded with my tribe, i had ” no choice” but to stay emancipated from mainstream beauty ( I’d relentlessly be called a trader) I give alot of thanks to ETSY , for their small batch organic beauty entrepreneurs, and to my tribes moms, who were also om the golden road to natural EVERY .THING .
    I was lucky , and I DO still count mt lucky stars.
    Determination, knowledge, strength (to resist that new MAC lipstick) and dedication to your tribe, WILL get you thru!!:)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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