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*New Moisture Tint & Concealer
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nourishing moisture tint & concealer " Make your skin sing with Love Me Deux, a pairing of tinted moisturizer and concealer to bring your skin tones into perfect harmony. Two makeup musts unite for a duo performance, with moisturizer in the tube and concealer smartly tucked in the mirrored cap – perfectly sized for your gig bag, party purse or travel tote. Always true to your complexion, our French Accents line “good for you” ingredients resound in these off-the-charts, one-hit wonders. Something to love, indeed. CONCEALER: With the blink of an eye, this concealer erases evidence of a late night or unlucky genes – because dark circles, blemishes and shadows never make the Top 40. Blended with beeswax, vitamin E, pure minerals and botanicals, this antioxidant-rich crème hydrates, nourishes, clears and restores a luminous complexion while hiding off-key notes. The silky fix-it formula glides over skin and seamlessly blends with ease for crease-free results. While good for all skin types, this talc-free formula is a veritable hit with sensitive skin. MOISTURE TINT: This tinted moisturizer’s botanical band of ingredients – including sunflower and jojoba oils, aloe vera, honeysuckle extracts and earthy French kaolin clay – pampers and protects while evoking a beguiling finish to your complexion. Rich minerals of copper, manganese and zinc fight free radicals while vitamins A and C firm and strengthen skin. Collagen production and elasticity are enhanced by collagen tri-peptides while Argireline; restores moisture balance, guarding against lines and wrinkles. A professional-quality, Moisture Tint weightlessly masks imperfections and unifies the complexion while the crème's micro-powder finish wraps skin in cashmere-soft comfort. A true skin sensation, this breathable translucent formula offers the perfect customized complexion with seven classic hues. Free of petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and dyes. Deux-be-Deux-be-Deux!"