New MUN Akwi Purifying Cleanser

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New MUN Akwi Purifying Cleanser
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Brand new, lush cleanser.  From their website -

Akwi is Berber for “awakening,” an apt name for an invigorating balm that brings the skin to life.

This gentle, oil-based cleanser sweeps away impurities and unclogs pores without stripping the skin. It also removes the most stubborn waterproof makeup. The pH-balanced formula is based on synergistic natural ingredients, including Castor Oil, a soothing cleanser and powerful detoxifier, nutrient-dense Argan Oil and antioxidant Camellia Seed Oil. It leaves your skin cleansed, soft and moisturized. This cleanser has a pH range of 4.7-5.2. Effective for all skin types.