Best Natural Mascaras in Clean Beauty 2023

As someone with barely there lashes, clean mascaras that don’t perform with excellence simply don’t work at all for me. I’ve tried dozens and dozens of natural mascaras over the years, and the very best mascaras have always remained unbeat with the exception of just one newcomer mascara earning a spot at the top. While this post shares all the mascaras from worst to ok to very good, there are only three clean mascaras I would consider the very best: one luxury, one mid-range and one budget friendly.

The Actual Best Clean Mascaras

INIKA mascara

Inika Long Lash Mascara

Honest beauty mascara

Honest Beauty Mascara

Tower 28 mascara

Tower 28 Beauty Mascara

Very Good Clean Mascaras

Next I gathered very good natural mascaras that could be someone else’s best mascara. Cult favorites like ILIA, Well People and Lily Lolo all have mascaras that perform well and are formulated thoughtfully.

Well people mascara

Well People Mascara

Lily lolo mascara

Lily Lolo Vegan Mascara 

Ilia mascara

ILIA Volumizing Mascara

Fitglow good lash mascara

Fitglow Beauty Good Lash Mascara


Good Clean Mascaras

These performed better than the average mascara but not as good as the above mascaras. They fall somewhere between very good and average for my barely there lashes. That begin said, they probably work much better for those who already have the foundation of beautiful long lashes.

Plume mascara

Plume Mascara

Kosas mascara

Kosas Mascara

Living libations mascara

Living Libations Raven Maven Mascara 

Just OK Clean Mascaras

These “just OK” mascaras didn’t work well for my barely there lashes, but could work much better for those who already have the foundation of beautiful long lashes. These mascaras are some people’s “best mascaras” so you never know what might end up as your favorite.

Ere perez mascara

Ere Perez Waterproof Mascara

Pyt beauty mascara

PYT Beauty Mascara

Saie beauty mascara

SAIE Beauty Mascara 

100% pure mascara

100% Pure

Juice beauty mascara

Juice Beauty Phyto Pigments Mascara 

Jane iredale mascara

Jane Iredale Mascara

Pacifica beauty mascara

Pacifica Beauty Stellar Gaze Mascara


Worst Clean Mascaras

These mascaras just seemed to have no performance whatsoever, I can’t see them working for anyone regardless of whether you have amazing lashes or not.

Juice beauty mascara


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