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Affiliate discount code OBL saves at Saint Jane Beauty, Bio-First, LaDuora, Higher Dose & Somavedic.

About The Giveaway

Andrea here! I’m so excited to bring you this multi-brand and multi-winner giveaway – it’s been more than 2 years! I asked around some of the buzziest brands and many of them were excited to offer you guys some pretty special prizes. Rather than give one person an insane amount of products, I decided each high value prize would have its own winner, along with a larger number of smaller prizes as runner-ups (this also saves me from doing individual giveaways with them so less work on my end!)

You can find in-depth posts about each of these participating brands on my site, but here are some tidbits about each prize below.

The Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket (value $599) is a portable, at-home sauna experience that you can do whenever, wherever. It’s a high-end and high-quality sauna blanket with built-in layers of crystals, charcoal and more.

The Somavedic Sky (value $750) is an EMF Effect Mitigation Device that combats the harmful effects of 3G/4G/5G and more. Based on vibrational therapy, the Somavedic device creates a protective field throughout your home and can help you on your wellness journey.

Bloomeffects is a clean tulip-powered skincare line from Amsterdam and is the first skincare brand to harness the antioxidant benefits of tulips. We’re offering a full 8 product skincare routine:

  1. Cleansing Jelly
  2. Cream cleanser
  3. Dew Mist
  4. Dew Drops serum
  5. Retinoid serum
  6. Eye Treatment
  7. Dew Cream
  8. Tulip Dew Sunscreen SPF 50

Saint Jane Beauty is a luxury CBD skincare line using florals and clean ingredients. We’re offering a skincare routine:

  1. Luxury Beauty Serum
  2. The C-Drops
  3. Hydrating Petal Cream
  4. Bright Repair Eye Cream
  5. Luxury Sun Ritual Pore Smoothing SPF 30 Sunscreen (l
  6. Luxury Lip Shine Collection (all 8 shades – $224)

Laduora DUO 4-in-1 Pod Based Scalp & Hair Care Device (value $299) is the world’s first pod-based hair care device that provides a hair and scalp treatment from the comfort of home. It features the latest dermal technologies – Sonic vibration (gentle scalp massage), Therapeutic warmth, Red Light Therapy, and Electrical stimulation (e-stim) to stimulate the scalp & deliver the purest ingredients to your hair.

Laduora Velve Pro 5-in-1 Facial Wand is a dual-use (red and blue light therapy) skincare wand combining five clinically proven technologies – Red Light Therapy, Blue Light Therapy,  Microcurrent, Therapeutic Warmth, and Facial Massage.

Bio-First makes high-quality first aid skin remedy products using naturally medicinal ingredients. These products have won multiple awards and will help heal cuts, scrapes, burns, bites and more. 10 winners will each receive a bundle of their Manuka Skin Saver and First Aid Salve.

Versine is a pregnancy safe OB-GYN formulated skincare line with a multi-functional serum that helps clear the worst hormonal breakouts & impart a healthy glow. 5 winners will each receive a Gentle Actives Clarity Creme-Serum.

Glow Recipe is a fruit-forward K-beauty skincare line with a cult following. One winner will receive $450 worth of Glow Recipe skincare products.



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