Somavedic Review: Is It Worth It?

Somavedic review

After hearing biohackers and wellness gurus rave about the Somavedic EMF mitigation device, I had to put the Somavedic Vedic to the test. Is a $950 frequency therapy device made of crystals housed in a fancy glass dome actually worth it? Besides fighting EMF radiation and 5G radiation, the Somavedic can also fight free radicals, viruses, parasites and mold as well as structure water. I purchased the Somavedic Vedic, which is the new and improved version of the original Somavedic bestseller Medic Green Ultra, to see for myself. Read on for my honest Somavedic review, the benefits of a Somavedic and whether it’s worth buying. You can always use Somavedic discount code OBL to save $90 at the Somavedic website. (or code OBL20 for 20% off until Dec 1, 2022).

What is a Somavedic?

A Somavedic is an EMF mitigation device that utilizes frequency therapy to block Electromagnetic Field Radiation and 5G Radiation.

The Somavedic eliminates the influence of 3G, 4G, 5G, EMF, geopathic zones (stress), and free radicals.

EMF radiation comes from our mobile phones, cell phone towers and our wifi routers, and according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, they’re possibly carcinogenic to humans. A study published in Environmental Health suggests EMFs may cause changes to DNA.

A Somavedic works to provide:

  • EMF Mitigation
  • Free Radical Neutralization (free radicals lead to oxidative stress, and eventually cell and tissue damage)
  • Water Structuring and Harmonization
  • Geopathic Zones (geopathic stress which can affect health)

Somavedic Vedic

How Does the Somavedic Work?

The Somavedic emits a controlled release of energy from precious and semi-precious stones. Vedic creates a coherent, life-supporting field, with a radius of 30 m (100 feet) in all directions penetrating floors and walls.

The precious and semi-precious stones are placed in a specific geometric arrangement, and are supplemented with precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper and zinc. Adjacent to them are copper and silver bands that control the gradual release of frequencies.

If you’re wondering what in the world frequency therapy or vibrational healing even is, you’re probably already familiar with it! Technologies like ultrasound, MRI, infrared light and radiofrequency are commonly used in the medical world. A Somavedic is designed to harmonize the wavelengths conducive to our health.

For water structuring, the Somavedic can create harmonized, structured water and help increase hydration capabilities. To achieve the maximum absorption with the structured water you need to place your water next to the Somavedic, ideally not further than 20 cm (8 inches) away. The desired effect of 100% structured water occurs in 10-15 minutes.

What are the Benefits of a Somavedic?

Various studies show that the coherent field created by a Somavedic positively affects our cells, lowers free radicals and improves cell regeneration, heart rate variability (HRV), and blood pressure. What many people have claimed to see as a result of using a Somavedic is less brain fog, less migraines and headaches, better sleep and more energy.

1. Less Inflammation in the Body

The Somavedic fights inflammation and patients who showed impaired red blood cell sedimentation (a sign of inflammation) showed significant improvement with a Somavedic.

2. Provide positive effects on cardiovascular and nervous systems

  • People with high blood pressure observed low blood pressure.
  • Respondents with low BP found their blood pressure rising to normal.
  • The positive effect on the nervous system improved psychological/mental well-being.
  • Length and quality of sleep had significantly improved.

3. Better sleep, energy and focus


Somavedic structured water
4. Creates the most bioavailable water

The Somavedic can structure water. What is structured water and why is it beneficial?

Structured (or hexagonal) water is the water that’s found in nature and in our cells. It’s the most bioavailable state of water. As our bodies, which are made up of 60-80% water, age we lose structured water.

Somavedic structured water

The structure of water changes when it’s mechanically filtered, treated with chemicals and contaminated with pollutants or toxins. When water loses its structure it also loses some of its healing benefits. Recent science shows that the structure of water is more important than the chemical composition.

Why should we drink structured water? Structured water might have an optimal pH that is crucial to health and a specific power source that helps us stay maximally hydrated.


My Somavedic Experience

After I purchased the Vedic, it came in just 2 days! They ship internationally and offer a 60 day return policy, so I felt less anxious that I was spending a thousand dollars on a woo woo wellness device.

The device is very easy to set up. The box comes with various international adaptors, so I picked the right one, plugged the power cord into it, attached the other end to the Somavedic and the device started glowing immediately once I plugged it into the outlet.

I placed it in the center of my home which is the living room.

Almost immediately I did feel a wave of tiredness hit me and I felt a little woozy. They say this happens often when you first use a Somavedic. That’s all fine and dandy, but not why I would spend a thousand buckaroos.

I set out to see for the next few weeks whether I noticed any changes to my sleep, mood, focus and energy. So far I haven’t experienced anything noticeably dramatic. I’ve been waking up with less existential dread and more optimistic enthusiasm, but I can’t really tell if that’s because of the Somavedic or because winter has turned into spring. I feel at peace knowing that I’m taking major(ly expensive) steps to fight off free radicals and oxidative stress to my body. And thus, a sense of peace and calmness.

I’m skeptical of the reviews saying the Somavedic “completely changed my life” etc so I wanted to share an honest opinion. If it’s not in your budget to spend a grand on a wellness device, then by all means don’t. You’re just as good remembering to turn off your wifi router at night. But for wellness and health enthusiasts, I can see why this device is so tempting. Plus it has the studies to back up the claims.

I purchased the Somavedic Vedic which offers both 5G mitigation and water structuring but Somavedic also offers their less expensive Sky model without the water structuring capabilities.

Somavedic Discount Code – OBL or OBL20

If you’d like to give a Somavedic device a try, use my affiliate Somavedic discount code OBL to save $90 off your Vedic purchase here.

Use code OBL20 for 20% off until Dec 1, 2022.

Somavedic ships internationally. 60 day return policy. 

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Somavedic review

Somavedic Vedic VS Medic Green Ultra

Vedic is 50% stronger than its previous version Medic Green Ultra. The Somavedic Vedic has a completely updated core with a new composition of minerals. Plus, the whole inside of the handmade corpus is silver-plated.

  • Suitable for larger properties, households as well as hospitals, clinics, doctor´s offices, and massage and cosmetic salons.
  • 100% water harmonization/structuring
  • Emits less light in dark environments, supporting circadian cycles
  • New stone composition for stronger space harmonization and less oxidative stress
  • Silver-plated glass body made from vaseline glass for even more powerful emanation

Somavedic Vedic

9 thoughts on “Somavedic Review: Is It Worth It?

  1. I’ve always been skeptical of the reviews out there. Thanks for writing one that paints a realistic picture. I still think this would be great for my family and I’m totally getting one now!

  2. I’ve always been skeptical of the reviews out there. Thanks for writing one that paints a realistic picture. I still think this would be great for my family and I’m totally getting one now!

    1. I just noticed your comment Renata!😅I had the comments section disabled for years so I’m not used to receiving them. It’s an interesting device definitely a love it or hate it type of product!

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